GFP-cDNA Live & G-Protein Coupled Receptors
Dynamics of fluorescent cytoplasmic proteins upon activation of NK2 receptor

These web pages present the videos recorded during a live-imaging screen in HEK293 cells. This was aimed at identifying novel cytoplasmic proteins implicated in signaling pathways of G-protein coupled receptors, based on a translocation criterion (1).

The plasmids transfected in cells during the screen were from the GFP-tagged human full-length ORF plasmid collection and encoded proteins that localize in the cytoplasm (2-3). This plasmid library is composed of two vectors for each cDNA, one with the cDNA encoding CFP in frame 5’ of the ORF, the other with the cDNA encoding YFP in frame 3’ of the ORF.

An extensive study of REDD1, one of the hit proteins can be found in (4).

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